The story of the glad ruler and the tall, chunky young lady. 


Some time in the past and distant, to a Kingdom presently lost for ever in the fogs of time, there came a group of voyaging dabbles.


They attempted to look for some kind of employment, yet with no cash and no companions, they couldn’t locate a good position.


The individuals of the Kingdom were glad. สาว มอกรุงเทพมีเสน่ห์   They were acceptable individuals yet they were pleased. They had tried sincerely and acted with respectability and reasonableness, yet they were glad.


The handyman family had a girl who, however honored with a comical inclination and a wonderful grin, was regularly observed to glare. Individuals would comment on it.


“That offspring of the handymen has a beautiful grin however it’s constantly trailed by a profound grimace”, they would state to their neighbors.


The little girl of the handymen became dismal. She attempted to giggle yet forever her grimace returned. Furthermore, was not as ordinary young ladies for she was tall and she was fat.


One summer day the tall, chubby young lady was sitting in the commercial center attempting to sell the couple of assets they had left: her dad’s eyeglasses, the truck on which they voyaged and a fledgling in an enclosure. The excellent winged animal was troubled living in a pen and had since quite a while ago stopped to sing.


The tall, chubby young lady wished to liberate the fledgling yet her mom and father would not permit her to. For the flying creature was uncommon and delightful, and the mother and father of the tall, chunky young lady said that the fowl would make them every one of the a great deal of cash.


“Yet, the helpless flying creature doesn’t sing,” cried the tall, hefty young lady. 


“What use is cash in the event that she can done sing? What use is money,if she can not, at this point fly?”. In any case, her mom and father would not hear her supplications.


The tall, chunky young lady didn’t need the winged animal to be sold; for dread that she would remain everlastingly in the confine and never sing, and never fly.


So the tall, chunky young lady concluded she would anticipate the correct second and afterward go into the timberland and set the feathered creature free. At that point she would flee from her mom and father. As she sat in the commercial center she saw a delightful chestnut pony drawing nearer.


All the individuals halted to take a gander at the pony and at the youngster who sat on the back of his excellent, expansive chestnut back. They grinned and waved at him, they shouted to him, the men raised their caps and the ladies dipped. He was by all accounts a mainstream youngster.


“Who is that youngster?” said the tall, hefty young lady to a man in the group. 


“Do you not know, you tall, fat, oblivious young lady?” answered the man in the group. 


“Why, you senseless youngster, he is the King’s child. He is prudent and smart however he is glad”. 


The tall, husky young lady viewed the King’s glad child and began to look all starry eyed at. 


“Be that as it may, what would i be able to do?” she howled. “He is the King’s child; he would never cherish me consequently.”