In the field of mini pocket bikes, electric pocket bikes are quickly revolutionizing the way pocket bikes are viewed. These electric siblings of traditionally gas powered bikes can be just as powerful with the speed to match and are becoming increasingly popular among pocket bike enthusiasts.

Originally developed in Japan, these bikes became popular for riders who enjoy performing tricks as well as for racing. It very quickly spread to Europe and the United States due to the safety improvements over traditional pocket bikes which have had a bad reputation for risks and noise pollution.

The electric engine runs smoothly and quietly and can hold up to 700 watts of power in the electric motor. The battery charger comes built in and can turn itself off. Being quiet and environmentally friendly is a big boost for the pocket bike industry.

And while safety was in the front of the minds of developers, they did not leave out the excitement and fun that many customers have come to expect from a pocket bike. It makes the pocket bike more available to younger customers whose parents’ primary concern was safety.

The electric pocket bikes usually come with the necessary safety equipment including knee and elbow pads and a helmet. And many models are designed with airtight seals inside the tires to reduce the risk of flatting. This allows the bike to maintain its weight even with very low tire pressure and reduces the severity of any accident that results from flatting. Also, both front and rear disk brakes are vented and can be adjusted by using the brake caliper to help prevent any wear that might damage the brake pads.

The pocket bikes are designed with special shutters over the ignition keyhole to keep the bike from being stolen too easily. They come in a variety of colors and are clearly designed with special detail and attention. It is built with a tinted windshield, a racing style gas tank, instrument lights, and flare that give the bike a sport edge to it.

For some kids young and old, or really old, this is a dream toy. And for parents, it’s a relief to be able to give their child a high end toy that borders the real deal with less risk to safety. It is easy to see why electric pocket bikes are increasin