If you feel that your cold calling efforts are static then you need to try this rarely used cold calling strategy. If you are just starting out in your sales career then this technique will instantly increase your sales results at warp speed. This prospecting strategy involves focusing your daily, weekly and monthly sales efforts by contacting sales prospects in one specific industry.

There is nothing wrong with jumping around from one industry to the next. Your sales pipeline may even include dozens upon dozens of industries and there is nothing wrong with embracing this strategy. But take a minute to imagine how much more effective you could be in your sales efforts if you were to focus on just one industry. Imagine if you became an expert in your prospect’s industry? Think about how much more you could bring to the telephone call? Wifi SIP Phone

The more information you know about your prospect’s industry, the better sales questions you will ask and this equation equals more business for you and your company as a whole. As you go from one call to the next you will pick up tidbits of industry knowledge that you can bring to the next call. You will learn more about who makes what decisions and when. Even if someone is not interested in what you are offering, take a minute to ask them one more question to learn more about how they do business and what makes them so successful.

Below I’ve included several sample questions that you could ask your prospect to learn more about your prospect’s industry so that you can apply the information that you have learned from one call to the next:

“I’ve been doing quite a bit of research in your industry, just to make sure that I’m not missing any of the industry trades, is there one place that you go to get all your information on (List the industry here)?”

“I really do appreciate your time today; I was just curious how you got started in (List your industry)?”

“Who are your top three competitors? Where would you say that your company is in comparison to the others? The competitors who may be ahead of you in sales, what do you think they are doing that perhaps you may not be doing?”

The more you consciously apply industry knowledge on your cold calls, the more you will be perceived as an industry consultant and the more likely you will instantly quadruple your sales!

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