Find a Mentor and Forget the Rest of the Internet Noise

As a Network Marketer you have either started your own business or you have been building your own business. If you have just started in Network Marketing chances are you heard about your opportunity from a friend. That friend is probably your direct upline contact. Nothing wrong with that. If you have been building your Internet Business you probably are not on your first one and have gone through many changes in your marketing, opportunity or product. Chances are you’ve endured the thousands of “hottest opportunity” pitches and ads, settling on something that is probably working for you. Whew!!!!! Congratulations on surviving the crushing volume of Internet Noise. sbcglobal email

Here is an EXAMPLE of how a mentor of mine handles Internet Noise. “He started talking about a ground breaking opportunity that he was a part of and told me how revolutionary his product was and how much money I could make promoting it.

I answered in the same way that I always do.

I told him that I was devoted to my business, but even more so I am devoted to all those that I help down the path to success in network marketing and the largest part of that devotion is staying contingent to my own personal principles for success in network marketing. The top principle being ONE business”.

He retorted by saying “I respect your devotion, but putting all your eggs in one basket is risky at best.”

He then went into the common analogy of playing the MLM game like the stock market in that it’s wise to diversify. I said “yes that is a philosophy out there, but it’s not the one I ascribe to”.

There is NO way you can start 3 businesses at the same time successfully without any prior experience and think you’ll succeed. You’re wasting your time and resources. We’ll that’s what you’re actually doing when you try to start more than one network marketing business at the same time. It’s just not going to work out for you in long run. Also, there is NO way you can be successful when you jump from opportunity to opportunity. Many have and continue to go down this path of disaster and failure. How is that for a Mentor? This Mentor of mine is fantastically experienced and making over SEVEN figures a year. I’ve subscribed to HIS system and have STUCK with it. I am a relative newbie in network Marketing but before I found this Mentor, I lost a lot of money on old school lead techniques, opportunity of the Month schemes and finally I’ve LOST my precious time. As he told me when I first joined(I was referred to him by a successful network marketer) him and his group was “I will show you how to be successful if you stick with the program and do all the things I ask you to do”. I didn’t spend a fortune to join his program and he’s not blaring away with “you need to buy this” offers. I am making progress and moving forward each day. You CAN’T do this if you jump from offer to offer and opportunity to opportunity.