Becoming ever more affordable to customers round the country are electric motocross bikes. With more affordable prices comes an ever-growing sense of possibility courtesy of the bike industry.

Electric bikes hold a large number of advantages over their fuel burning counterparts. For a start, the electric bikes are silent. The noise from other fuel burning bikes can be deafening and disturbing not only to the rider but also to the natural environment surrounding us. Due to this noise, these bikes have been banned from many cities and rural areas. This leaves plenty of space for the electric motocross bike!

The weight of the electric motocross is significantly lighter too! With no need to carry fuel, the weight has fallen from the motocross bike so they are now ultra light. In fact, the electric motocross bike weighs almost half as much as a regular fuel burning motocross bike! Specific parts of the bike, such as the rims, spokes and frame have all been designed to benefit the rider by weighing less. This gives the rider a better chance to ride the bike like a pro! Be careful though, although the bike is light, it is not a toy and is very powerful.

For more convenience there are removable batteries available. Without these, other batteries may take up to 8 hours for a slow charge and 4 hours for a fast charge. Some higher quality batteries can take a mere 40 minutes for a quick charge and 2 and half hours for a slow charge. To prolong the batteries’ life, riders can make use of a half power switch which cuts the top speed in half and thus extends the life of the battery by some time.

The lack of noise and vibration from the engine can deceive the rider so be careful. The electric motocross bikes are very powerful and we do not want riders getting injured. Until you actually ride alongside a gas bike, you will really appreciate how fast these bikes are. Therefore, when starting, do not give the bike too much power or you could end up lying on the floor.

These bikes are easy to maintain with no clutch or gears and more and more will be seen of them as time goes by. Fulfil your ambitions and ride like a pro with the electric motocross bike!