Hong Kong filmmakers tapped actor Bong Revilla to star in a movie they plan to shoot this year. Bong and Hong Kong’s top actors and directors discussed this at the Fontana Leisure Parks in Clarkfield, Pampanga last weekend at the Hong Kong All Stars Association’s (ASSA) 20th anniversary.

Filled with much excitement after having dinner with movie director and Golden Horse Awardee Eric Tsang, comedian Nat Chan, singer Allan Tam, and multi-awarded actor Simon Yam, who are all founding members of ASSA, Bong revealed the big possibility of starting soon the movie that they have just discussed. ดูหนังออนไลน์

“Next month, we’re going to sit down and talk about the details of the movie with Fontana, of course, since if not for this occasion kung saan nagkasama-sama kami, we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to talk about this potential project. We’ll be shooting the movie in China,” Bong told the Manila Bulletin.

According to Eric Tsang and Simon Yam, they knew of Bong from way back because they have been going to and from the Philippines, either to shoot a movie or to celebrate an ASSA anniversary.

“It’s my first time to visit Fontana but not the Philippines. I’ve been here many times and I like it here very much. As a matter of fact, I even did a movie here 14 years ago. We shot “Fatal Vacation’, a comedy-action flick, in Manila. But since the entire ASSA is here for our 20th anniversary, this is our chance to not talk about business for a while and just enjoy sports,” cleared Eric.

In its past two anniversary celebrations, ASSA picked Fort Ilocandia in Laoag, Ilocos Norte to celebrate, and the beautiful experience that its members and officers had there brought them back to the country once again. On its 20th anniversary, ASSA, which is comprised of actors and singers from Hong Kong, gathered at Fontana Leisure Parks where they enjoyed the golf course and the water theme park, which consists of different types of swimming pools each built with mechanical waves.

“This is an occasion that allows all of us from the entertainment industry to come together and just enjoy ourselves. It’s so nice to be back here in the Philippines to celebrate our anniversary and see our old friends. I’ve met Bong before and we’re currently talking about this potential film project,” Nat Chan shared.

Simon Yam, on the other hand, being one of the busiest actors not only in Hong Kong but in Hollywood as well, said he just has to fix his schedule before he could commit himself to a movie project with Bong. He expressed, however, that nothing could be more important than ASSA’s anniversary that’s why he always makes himself available for it.

“I’m one of the founding members of ASSA and I hope that our new members who are 20 years my junior could maintain the efforts that we have done all these years. We do a lot of charity work in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and elsewhere. Aside from that, we were also able to achieve one of our important goals — to change the notion people in Hong Kong have of our actors. We were able to prove that we don’t live in vices. We actors live a healthy lifestyle,” ended Simon.

Although three days of sports activities and camaraderie were fun, at the back of each ASSA member’s head was the tragic landslide that happened in St. Bernard, Southern Leyte. Before ending its anniversary celebration, ASSA along with Fontana Leisure Parks, donated two million pesos to the landslide victims, which was coursed through the Philippine Red Cross.


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