Credit card debt might be stacked up on your kitchen table, but really it all started in your head. But no worries, those piles, often listing under the weight of purchases can be wiped out. You can seek credit card forgiveness, a technique I teach for free, or you can spend eternity trying to debt service interest payments. It’s a long haul to pay credit card bills every month.

I’ve led thousands of debtors to the credit card forgiveness promise land, but what will you eventually do about your credit card debt? What happens next-after you’re debt free? Do you enter therapy? Perhaps you look for another spouse since the last one fled in terror because of your consumption. I promise you that to continue building up this overzealous debt is harmful, but I also have a solution. Another solution-after I show you how to settle credit card debt. Creditcards

Are you a spender? Does spending really identify with you and is it representative of who you are? I have several clients who have told me they just can’t stop spending. Are you one of these? If so, again no harm. No big deal really because I can also show you how to stop the build up of credit card debt. To do so you got to get inside of your head. Bear with me for a second though. I have to set the stage with the following story. You’ll be happy you waited, I promise.

As a young man, I attended Catholic school and I was told by Sister Mary Mark that I might not reach the pearly gates if I didn’t fold my hands properly as I crossed the threshold to worship. Sure, I entered church with hands clasped, but the relaxed fold-the-fingers-over-my-knuckles approach didn’t please our Savior. According to her, I had to abide by the strict practice of pointing my clasped hands with fingers pointing upwards. Wrists cocked back, hands together, left thumb over right and all intentions pointing up-toward heaven.

Still with me? Thank you. I know what you’re thinking. What the heck does this have to do with credit card debt? Bear with me please because like your credit card problem, I had a belief instilled into me, something so deeply ingrained, that I actually believed I may never enter heaven with my slovenly, relaxed-fingers-bent-over method. When I got into college and really understood that the earth is round and not flat, it no longer made sense that heaven could just be up. Where is up anyway and why can’t heaven be down? I was pointing up when heaven could have been sideways.

I had a belief that needed shattering. To be dispelled, I had to change my way of thinking, and you, my dear reader, must also change your thoughts about debt because a belief is nothing more than a thought that has been rehearsed over and over. My thoughts soon became a belief and of course (I just knew this) everyone else was wrong because this was MY BELIEF.